Hydrogen – a true multi-talent

Hydrogen signifies a new and clean energy era.
It is universally available. On Earth, it is a part of all life. It is pure energy, can be produced using renewable sources and stored in large quantities for long periods and then converted to electricity using fuel cells. 

On the occasion of the COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference, we are pleased to provide insights on the many hydrogen applications that exist. Keep an eye out for the Multitalent Hydrogen sign or logo or find out more regarding dates and specific offers here.

Hydrogen is often simply referred to as “H2” – its abbreviated chemical formula.

Arrive at the World Climate Conference with no local emissions: Take the CleanShuttle

The 23rd UN World Climate Conference takes place in Bonn, 6-17 November 2017. Allowing participants to travel within Bonn to the event without any local emissions, the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV – Verband Deutsche Verkehrsunternehmen) and Bonn’s local public transport and utilities authority (SWB – Stadtwerke Bonn) together with transport companies throughout Germany have organised the CleanShuttle, which comprises buses running with battery, hydrogen and hybrid power concepts.


Three bus routes will ensure fast connections between the event venues, the inner city as well as to and from the airport. The CleanShuttle may be used free of charge upon presentation of a valid Conference ticket. Three fuel cell buses from Stuttgart will be a part of the fleet. NOW GmbH is among the supporters of this initiative.


Excursion // Take fuel cell vehicles to the hydrogen refuelling station at Cologne Bonn Airport

All fuel cell vehicles deployed as part of the Bonn COP 23 Shuttle Service are refuelled at the state-of-the-art Total hydrogen refuelling station at Cologne Bonn Airport. Fuel cell vehicles are refuelled with hydrogen there within a matter of minutes before returning to normal shuttle operations. 


From 6-17 November, throughout the entire Climate Conference period, interested COP visitors can take a ride in a fuel cell vehicle from the UN Campus in Bonn to the airport and witness the refuelling procedure first hand. Participants will also receive further information on the multitude of mobile applications that hydrogen and fuel cell technology enable.


Mr Ioannis Moraitis of Hydrogen Europe is coordinating spaces for the demonstration trips and can prove further information regarding the details and modalities of participation. To take part, please contact him via email (i.moraitis@hydrogeneurope.eu).

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Exhibition // Tues. 07.11. - Sun. 03.12.17  // Deutsches Museum Bonn

Hydrogen – the unlimited energy source
Deutsches Museum Bonn, Ahrstrasse 45, 53175 Bonn
In times of clearly visible climate change and increasingly scarce resources, the changeover from fossil to renewable fuels is inevitable. Hydrogen provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil resources: it can be generated from renewable energies, be excellently stored and easily transported.

This exhibition examines the environmentally-friendly energy source closely – from its generation to innovative applications. The exhibition is an officially recognised part of the framework programme of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 23.

Hydrogen Exhibition flyer (german)
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Fair // Tues. 07.11. - Wed. 08.11.2017 // GRESS fair in the framework of the UN Climate Change Conference COP23

Since the Paris climate agreement, renewable energies have become a central focus of the UN Climate Change Conference. During the COP23, the renewables sector is presenting its solutions to COP23 delegates, international organisations and NGOs in the framework of an independent event on 7 and 8 November in the Bundeskunsthalle. The thematic focus is on full supply using renewable energies as well as on decentralisation as an important feature of full supply through renewables.


Excursion // Thurs. 09.11.2017 // InnovationCity Ruhr –Bottrop model town > Visit to DLR and Bonn University

Participation for accredited journalists, conference participants and conference delegates

The excursion is to the Institute of Solar Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Porz and to the Klein-Altendorf campus of Bonn University, where research in the biomass area will be presented.

Excursion // Fr. 10.11.2017 // "Synlight" project at the German Aerospace Center Jülich (DLR)

Participation for accredited journalists, conference participants and conference delegates

An exciting trip is in store to the largest artificial sun in the world on 10 November: in the German Aerospace Center in Jülich, the CO2-free manufacture of hydrogen is being researched in the “Synlight” project.

Event // Tues. 14.11.2017 // Climate protection in transport

Participation for accredited journalists, conference participants and conference delegates

Over the course of a two-hour discussion, different innovative approaches to climate protection in transport will be discussed. This includes on a local level, the “Emission-free Transport Bonn” concept, which prevailed in a funding competition of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) over many other candidates. Apart from electric mobility, synthetic electricity-based fuels is credited with great potential for climate protection.

Excursion // Fr. 16.11.2017 // Visit to the European Green Capital, Essen

Participation for accredited journalists, conference participants and conference delegates 


Presentation of the “European Green Capital” concept on a tour with a hydrogen-operated excursion boat, MS Innogy